Simon Braun – Digital Designer

my name is Simon Braun.
I am working as a digital designer 1 in Hamburg.

Currently: employed

about me

My passion is to create great digital products: for clients and on my own initiative.

My work consists of the holistic consideration and development of design processes for digital products, systems and services.

My versatile skills and experience are a cornerstone for the ever new challenges. The precise and careful communication as the key for the analysis, coordination and elaboration of the design process is of particular benefit to my work.

I prefer working in a team and attach great importance to open and constructive interaction as well as clear communication. I put a strong focus on the knowledgeable and interdisciplinary communication between all parties involved, such as developers, stakeholders, users and designers, which I see as one of my special strengths due to my versatile experience.

my apps

Agiligator – Neue Apps für deinen Homescreen

In my spare time I publish iOS and iPadOS apps lovingly crafted and developed by myself at Agiligator.

our (german) podcast

Weltuntergang Café – Der Podcast für Genießer

Together with my beloved Fiona I visit a culinary place, which is appropriate for a visit just before the end of the world: a Weltuntergang Café.

my blog

My photographic examination of the topic "Ambivalence" can be seen on my blog Throwing Planets. There I am following the adivce my role model Arno Minkkinen gave me: "Keep on Shooting!"