Simon Braun – Digital Designer

my name is Simon Braun.

I am a digital designer at Almato, indie developer at Agiligator, culinary podcaster for Weltuntergang Café and am working on a secret project.

my apps

Agiligator – Neue Apps für deinen Homescreen

In my spare time I publish iOS and iPadOS apps lovingly crafted and developed by myself at Agiligator.

our (german) podcast

Weltuntergang Café – Der Podcast für Genießer

Together with my beloved Fiona I visit a culinary place, which is appropriate for a visit just before the end of the world: a Weltuntergang Café.

my secret project – Das Zeitgeschehen im Überblick

Since my diploma in communication design I kept working on a project regarding the question: "What does it mean to be well informed?"

my blog

My photographic examination of the topic "Ambivalence" can be seen on my blog Throwing Planets. There I am following the adivce my role model Arno Minkkinen gave me: "Keep on Shooting!"